D183 TVK Northumbria Police Vauxhall Nova

D183 TVK Northumbria Police Vauxhall Nova dating from 1986. This car was used as a beat patrol car in the counties of Northumberland and Tyne and Wear. It is the 1.2 litre engine example producing a maximum of 55 horsepower. When being pushed to the limit by a brave driver, it would accelerate to 60 mpis a model of  in 14 seconds and go on to a nerve-wracking top speed of 94 mph.

Later models saw a wide red stripe added to the sides, with a break for the crest on the front doors. This complemented the existing police box on the roof. The illuminated box could show the word ‘stop’ on the rear only and of course the blue rotating beacon is mounted on top for maximum visibility. This is a model of the actual vehicle.

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